Washington Heights | 2016

I’m not sure how old I was when I decided that I would dance every single day of my life. Sixteen maybe? One song, five songs. Doesn’t matter. No excuses. Everybody has time for one song and everybody has a favourite song. So? What’s the problem? It’s better than any drug! I promise you if you danced every day you would improve your health. When you dance you can’t help but smile, perhaps giggle, sometimes laugh. It is my prescription for a happy life.


Bryant Park | 2016



Gramercy Park | 2016

I was born in America. My wife was born in America. My daughters were born in America. We are all as American as you are. As an undergraduate I studied history at Harvard. I earned my PhD in Economics at Columbia. This past year in politics has been very disturbing to every single member of my community. There is so much hatred, so much ignorance, so much fear. The thought of a President Trump truly upsets me. All I can do is vote. And pray. That’s all any of us can do.




Notebooks | 2016


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I  ♥ NY


dsc04188Forced From HomeForced From HomeForced From Home

I have been a long time supported of Doctors Without Borders. Where they go and what they do is EXTRAORDINARY. Imagine my surprise while roaming the city when I stumbled onto Forced From Home an interactive, educational exhibition presented by Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to raise public awareness about the experience of the world’s more than 65 million refugees and internally displaced people. With an experienced aid worker as our guide, we learned about the myriad challenges people on the move encounter and the work Doctors Without Borders does to address their basic medical needs in such difficult circumstances and settings.

The exhibition leaves Battery Park City on the 27th and moves on to Washington, DC.





I didn’t know, until I read this, that Sally Mann had recently and suddenly suffered such a shocking loss. Emmett!

I read her memoir immediately upon its publication and wasn’t surprised to discover that in addition to being a brilliant artist she was also an immensely talented writer. After reading it, I listened to her read it in her soft and subtle Southern accent. Highly recommended! So smart, so thoughtful, so singular in her focus and passions, so eccentric in these times of ours.

The Gagosian Gallery on Madison opened a new show of her work this week, Remembered Light. The small space was packed with admirers of Mann and Twombly’s work. The images would be difficult to identify as Mann’s, even knowing her connection to Twombly. Nonetheless, it was moving being there with both Mann and Twombly super fans.



The Boros Collection | 32 paintings, drawings, watercolours, and prints by the American artist Elizabeth Peyton from a span of nearly twenty years.



RIZ AHMED | Typecast

BALLERINA |  Choreographer

MUST WATCH | The Many Sad Fates of Mr Toledano

JAY-Z | The War on Drugs is an EPIC FAIL + Black Women and drugs

photograph | Francois Disçhinger



Union Square | 2016

Every single member of my family has been either harassed, profiled, disrespected, or unjustly treated just because of the way we look. My mother is the hardest working individual I know. She has the utmost character and integrity and such a deep sense of inner peace. She prefers to fade into the background, to move invisibly through the city. I’m the opposite. I’m confrontational. I question everything and everyone. I don’t back down. My father died last year while working on a demolition site in midtown. We have all these sketchy lawyers trying to get us to sue the developers, but I am waiting for the insurance money to come in so we can hire proper representation, someone I trust completely. I do not want my father’s death to fade away, to become invisible. I do not want a quick payoff. My mother is going to need the money. His absence is the most profound presence in her life. I am fighting for her and because she won’t fight for herself. I can fend for myself.


Ojai | 2012

photograph | Roger Thompson