I started this blog in 2006 during a summer sabbatical in Big Sky, Montana. A very clever friend {who has a prize-winning way with words}, upon seeing my car for the first time said, ~Yo, girl. You push a mad whip, yo!

I loved the slang and  She Pushes a Mad Whip was born. The Whips in question are my classic cars from the 1960’s and 70’s.

I attended Culver Academies for four years, a phenomenal boarding school in Indiana. It changed the course of my life. As a Morehead Scholar at the University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill I earned BAs in English literature, Romance languages, and Creative Writing. In 2000, I was awarded my MA in Counseling Psychology and in 2003 I completed my doctoral studies in Depth Psychology, both at Pacifica Graduate Institute, in Carpinteria, CA.

My working life has included stints in international investment banking in NYC and London, real estate investing, and the curating of private photography collections. In 1998 I founded GPA+, an educational consulting company that helped high school students prepare for college + On the Road Scholars, transformative community service adventures for teens in Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Sierra Leone, Spain, and Morocco. I retired in 2013 and now paint, read, and travel full time. The Old Gods and the New have blessed me tremendously.

I’ve lived in England, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Japan + Hong Kong. Luckily, I speak five languages.

I’ve been a painter since I could hold a brush in my hand.

My current obsessions are Lin-Manuel Miranda’s epic Hamilton and HBO’s Game of Thrones. I believe Lena Dunham truly is the voice of her generation, a very intelligent, bold, unique, compassionate, and courageous one. The Oklahoma City Thunder are my team, unless Russell Westbrook goes elsewhere, then that’s my team. I have a hot husband and a smart daughter. Again, Blessings from the Old Gods and the New.

Hope you enjoy my blog and that you stumble upon bits and bobs of inspiration here.