Benjamin Nugent’s short story God, first published in The Paris Review, was subsequently chosen for Best American Short Stories 2014 and can be found in the anthology.

The first person narrator of God is a college student and a member of the Delta Zeta Chi fraternity.  The frat’s world has been turned upside down by God.  No, not a supernatural being.  God is the nickname they have given to Melanie, a young woman who has captured the heart of their leader, Caleb Newtown–also known as “Nutella.”  Melanie flexed her literary muscles, penning a poem about Nutella’s problem with premature ejaculation.  God’s revelation moves each frat brother’s heart in different ways.  Five-Hour nearly manages to have sex with God, but he is prevented from doing so because of a little bit of erectile dysfunction.  The story’s climax is the expected one, but the author does a good job of imbuing the story with far more weight than such a piece might otherwise have.

Read his brilliant short story here.

Monica Garza | Agua con Leche