I first read Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel right after college in 1985. I was working in NYC on the trading floor of a Wall Street firm, surrounded by a lot of testosterone gone wild. Eye opening and often disturbing, I had to fight to be seen and heard amongst the “big swinging dicks”. For awhile it seemed as though every day was a feat of survival until, of course, I got good at their game and then it was simply a match of wits and fury.

The novel was upsetting, but as tough and misogynistic as the working environment was at Salomon Brothers, it was still a surreal and improbable landscape. Well, not these days. If you haven’t read the book, read it. But if you want to opt for the easy button, watch Hulu’s fantastic adaption, starring Elizabeth Moss. You’ll be tossing around terms like Blessed Be the Fruit and Under His Eye and May the Flower Open throughout your day just to diminish how creeped out you are by the possibility of such a world exisitng in 21st century America. Fuck.