HENRY TAYLOR @ The Whitney Biennial

There were a couple of works that I felt were compelling, in addition to being politically provocative, but it’s the paintings by LA based artist Henry Taylor that moved me the most at this year’s Whitney Biennial. Concerned mostly with sympathetically depicting the people of his extended community and strangers who capture his imagination, Taylor’s painting, THE TIMES THAY AIN’T A CHANGING FAST ENOUGH, 2017 depicts the death of  Philando Castile, the African American man shot by a Minnesota police officer during a routine traffic stop last summer. The moments following the shooting were filmed by Castile’s girlfriend who was in the driver’s seat and this is the point of view Taylor’s chooses to explore without sensationalizing it. Naturally, his work reminds me of Kerry James Marshall’s, another artist who gives us insight into a culture and group of people who have not traditionally graced our museum walls. Stunning!