These were the autumn days when the dialogue over making a revolution and a truly democratic society flowed loosely and desperately in the air…when everyone felt he had to make some movement, however slight or inconsequential, toward the attainment of goals not yet defined.

Jim’s friends will remember that his answering machine and one of his business cards said, ‘Mr. Jefferson is not at home, he’s down at the cabins making contradictions.

Being imaginative people, Jean and I played a number of original games. One of them we called ‘social forces,’ the object of which was to see which side could break us first

In those days I had forgotten that I was first of all a black and I had a very lovely girl who was not first of all a black.


Beautiful, powerful collection of short stories that are as relevant to what we’re suffering collectively now as it was in 1968. Am loving being in this book club and reading along with A Public Space. I’ve been introduced to writers I have never before encountered and feel like I am discovering gems.