Monette and Mady. Identical. Inseparable. They are performance artists, acting as a couple, modeling together, and dancing in the streets of Paris. This film and these images are an ongoing project by photographer Maja Daniels to visually represent the lives of older generations. Daniels encountered the twins on the street and approached them about working together. Some of the photographs are documentary images, following the twins as they go about their daily routines, others are fiction, choreographed to tell a deeper story. The phenomenon of identical twins often raises questions about identity and intimacy. Most of us look for a partner with whom we can share our lives which then becomes a large part of our identity as we build our lives around this relationship. Monette and Mady’s  synchronized lives demonstrate a fascinating indifference to the stereotypes of aging as well as  a portrait of their unconventional life as single, child free women who have chosen to find their intimacy within each other.

~ all photographs, Maja Daniels