Thoughts are *optional.* Nonstop psycho-emotional lather, the mind’s exhausting addiction to processing and internalizing all the wanton things that happen to you, this is but a habit, an entrenched behavior based on the rather silly, reductive idea that the mind is all there is, that logic and reason lead to all possible truths, and all other modes of information and insight – spirit, mystery, subtle body, alchemy, shamanism, mantra, sacred astrology, that time someone you haven’t thought of in years suddenly called you the day after you had a crazy dream about them – are to be considered, somehow, lesser. ⁣

To which the ancient gurus reply: Bullshit. ⁣

Yoga suggests quite the inverse: While logic and reason are indeed helpful tools, it’s only when the mind’s rabid associations quiet down, only when logic relaxes its death-grip on the present moment and the breath becomes much more present, only then can truth, such as it is, reveal itself. Only then can you fully participate in the immediate fullness of Reality-As-It-Is. Only then do the gods shrug in your general direction and you suddenly “get it,” because you finally realize there is nothing, after all, to get.
Mark Morford