“What should have been a happy milestone — publishing my first novel — has turned into a yearslong nightmare perpetrated by someone I believed I had finally escaped from,” Ms. Cline said in a statement to The Times. “My only experience of publishing a novel has been one where I am under acute attack, with my sexual history weaponized against me by a cadre of male lawyers. I’ll never be able to get back the years I’ve now spent responding to an ex-boyfriend’s baseless legal assaults and ludicrous, billion-dollar claims instead of writing another book. That’s a loss I don’t know how to fully comprehend.”

Baseless legal assaults and … claims. Nothing worse than shit lies in order to manipulate monetary settlements. You’re brilliant, hard-working, talented, and beautiful. The plaintiff is simply seething with envy, dumb, lazy, and spectacularly unaccomplished.

I feel ya, Emma!