These are the three ways I know to do that ::




For the next 37 days, these are the actions we can take to channel our grief, anger, fear, and honour RBG’s legacy. For Justice Ginsburg, for our daughters and sons, daughters, for our country.


1. Make sure you’re registered to vote.

2. Make a plan to vote. You can figure out what your state/jurisdiction allows (in-person, mail-in ballot), registration deadlines, and if you can vote early in-person here. If you’re voting by mail: send it back as quickly as you can.

3. Especially crucial in swing states ( Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia + New Hampshire), talk to your friends and family and tell them why YOU are voting for Vice President Biden and Senator Harris. You can read more about Joe Biden’s plans here.

Protect the Vote

1. Sign up to be a poll worker. Because COVID most severely affects those who disproportionately volunteer as poll workers (IE people aged 65+), America is about 250k poll workers short. You will be provided PPE and training, and in some places, even get paid for your time.

2. Help register other people to vote.

3. Stay up to date. You can sign up for Team Joe Biden, and you can join Women for Biden. Either way, you’ll get access to training, join weekly phone banks, and other opportunities to dig in and help.


Biden/Harris Campaign-specific

1. Write letters to potential voters. You’d be surprised at how effective this is — and how cathartic it feels.

2. Sign up to phone bank. Get trained here. Yes, phone banking might be the most frightening thing you can do (besides door knocking!). It’s also still the most effective. It’s easier if you do it with friends. You can sign up for the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris national effort here. You can join a weekly Women for Biden effort here. For my Spanish speaking friends, you can join a weekly Saturday effort here. Make calls to battleground states on your own time here. There are lots of options — join one.

3. Sign up to text bank. Get trained here.


Other Ways to Engage

1. Mobilize.us lists many region-specific options to volunteer for local and national campaigns. Make a plan to check it out weekly.

2. Vote Save America is another compendium of volunteer efforts, primarily focused on battleground states, with options to target your efforts at precisely one state — even if you don’t live there.

3. Moms Demand Action started as an organisation for gun sense and is focused on keeping all families safe. Join your local chapter and phone bank with them.

4. Call your Senator (either directly or at the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and demand that the next President choose the next Supreme Court Justice. (You can find out who your Senator is here.) This may sound scary – it isn’t. Interns answer the phone and keep track of how many people call on which issue(s). Supreme Court Justice is a lifetime appointment – it should reflect the majority, not minority rule. This is especially important if you’re living in Alaska (Senators Murkowski and Sullivan), Maine (Senator Collins), Nebraska (Senator Sasse), South Carolina (Senator Scott) + Utah (Senator Romney) – constituents or those with significant ties to the community (for example, owning a business there) are the calls that matter.


1. Donate to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s campaign. He (or she) may have been your number one candidate right from the start; s/he may not have been. It doesn’t matter. This election isn’t just crucial for the next four years. Without hyperbole, this election will decide who we are as Americans — and what we become as a country.

2. Donate to important Senate races. Democrats need a net gain of four seats to flip the Senate.

a) You can donate in one place to the top 12 Senate races here.

b) These are the Senate races I have adopted and have contributed to individually ::

 Maine – Sara Gideon, the current speaker of the Maine House, to replace Susan Collins, who gave us Brett Kavanaugh

 Arizona – Mark Kelly – husband of Gabby Giffords, astronaut, running in a special election – which will be all the more critical if McConnell tries to ram Trump’s Supreme Court pick through

 South Carolina – Jaime Harrison – to defeat Lindsey Graham, Trump’s ultimate enabler (well, that might be Mitch)

 Montana – Steve Bullock – to defeat Steve Daines, who’s campaigning on health care after consistently voting against affordable health care and coverage for pre-existing conditions

 Alabama – Doug Jones – Jones prosecuted the KKK and is the most vulnerable Democrat in this election cycle

 Mississippi – Mike Espy would be the first Black Senator for Mississippi since Reconstruction, and polling within striking distance

 Kentucky — Amy McGrath — to defeat Mitch McConnell — this is a long shot, but McConnell’s immediate abandonment of his own “principles” in the wake of Ginsburg’s death is deeply appalling

 Other vital races to donate to :: AlaskaNorth CarolinaIowaGeorgia (TWO SEATS)TexasKansasColorado

3. Don’t forget about the House. This has been our only method of accountability for the last two years. We have to keep it.

4. And learn from the GOP playbook. Invest in hyper-local races.

Again, the three most important things we can do are vote, volunteer + donate.  Protect RBG’s legacy, which goes so, so much further than Roe v. Wade. Ensure our daughters — and sons — grow up with the same rights as we have now.